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Director: Richard Allen
Richard Allen studied creative writing at Bard College in the 1960s. He began his professional career as an actor with the famous Theater Co. of Boston. He moved to New York to work as a writer and actor with Channel One Underground TV, a video show in a theater, which later grew into the movie, "The Groove Tube." He read some potential projects for Dustin Hoffman, whom he had met in Boston, for which he got to go on the set during the making of "Midnight Cowboy." He began putting his own films together in 1970. His best known short film, "The One Arm Bandit" has been called "one of the funniest short films of all time," "a comic gem," and "masterpiece" in its reviews. When Rich Allen was handed down old footage his grandfather had taken long ago, he began to edit and narrate it and integrated short films from 1911 as part of a longer movie called "A Hundred Years in the Making." His best films have shown in festivals worldwide and on television on PBS in New York. He has won best film awards, fellowships in film from the National Endowment on Arts (twice) and CAPS. Also a photographer, Richard Allen is the author of a book Street Shots/Hooky NYC Photographs 1970-1980. Also a 100 ton licensed yacht captain, sailor, and boat builder, he's lived in Rhode Island many years. "Side By Each" is his first feature film.
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